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Ava is only fourteen when lighting

kills her mother.
She doesn’t know how she’ll survive the pain. Like her mother, Ginger, Ava has magical abilities, but she is only just beginning to understand how they work and without her mother’s guidance, she feels lost.

When a magical, winged boy comes to tell her that Ginger raised him like her own, Ava is both fascinated and horrified by the secrets her mother kept.

But she has bigger problems: there is someone in VanVere who hates magic, someone who will go to great lengths to rid the town of it, including trying to have Ava kidnapped.  

And when all their lives are in danger from someone even more damaged than her, Ava will have to find the power in her own magic and memories to save them all.

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Ivy Bauble is about to become Apprentice to

the Master of Transformations.

Never mind that she’s far too obsessed with Knightmares for her own good, or that she’s not sure if she can trust Master Borinvere and his brooding ward, Declan.

But when the magical Tower fails to transform and protect the peaceful village of Newton, Ivy has her hands full with more than just the annoying Declan and her sketchbook full of Knightmare drawings. Those dark, dangerous beasts are all set to fly into Newton and destroy everything Ivy holds dear.

And of course, Ivy is the only one who can stop all of this.

Swept up into an adventure with hot air balloons, magical wells, tickering cars and dreadful, fire-breathing horses, Ivy Bauble’s life is about to change forever. And all because of Ivy’s unending curiosity.

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