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What's in a name?

My writing career is about to indulge in a little bit of divergence, so I thought I would write this blog to clear up any future confusion.

A children’s author pseudonym

Excitingly, my illustration business had taken on a life of its own and I now spend most of my days illustrating picture books, middle grade chapter books and kidlit covers. I absolutely love this work and it’s inspired me to pull out some of my own projects I had put away – projects I can now illustrate for myself.

The problem is, I am still writing adult science fiction and YA fantasy, and they are a completely different audience to the mom’s, librarians and teachers who will be buying my new work. So, to avoid confusion, I am going to be writing and illustrating all my children’s fiction under my maiden name, Cristy Cuthbert.

I already have three picture books coming out by the end of this year which have been illustrated under this name (not written by me) and hopefully two books of my own which will be coming out next year.

What does it mean for this website?

This website will remain the hub for all my work published under my current name, Cristy Zinn. This will be the same for all the social media platforms I use as Cristy Zinn. Basically, nothing much will change for those of you who follow this kind of work and I will keep you updated in the usual way.

All the work I produce under the name Cristy Cuthbert, will come under my Looma Illustration website and social media


The future

Seeing as the Doctor (the tenth to be exact) and his TARDIS have been avoiding me (despite my copious letters asking to be considered as a companion), I have very little insight into what the future holds. All I know is that I am drawing a lot and loving every minute. It is astounding to me that this gets to be my job. So, I imagine, my writing career will lean into this aspect of my work and I may end up producing more work under Cristy Cuthbert than under Cristy Zinn. Who knows. The career of a self published author is as flexible as you want it to be, I guess.

I do have a new sci-fi short I’m busy working on that I am quite excited about, so who knows – maybe I’ll have some new work up here on the website soon.